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Battlegrounds Mobile India

Version 2.5.0

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Battlegrounds Mobile India APK for Android

Battlegrounds Mobile India is one of the most popular games in India. With over 100 millions downloads in Google Play Store and Ios App Store. The game is a complete package of action and adventure. Here players land on different terrain fights with each other and last man standing declared as winner. To make this more interesting the area of the map sinks in a given period of time.

Gameplay and Maps

Generally the time and number of players depends on the size of the map. In large maps 100 players can drop together. While in small maps only 50-60 players drop. Also there are solo, duo and squad systems present in it.
One can also try different types of 4v4 team deathmatch game modes. Where a finish goal is given. The team achieved it earlier declared as winner. These types of matches generally lie between 4-8 minutes.

Graphics & Audio

Like other popular gaming titles here also a well optimised and customisable graphics and audio setup is present. The quality of graphics highly depends on the device capability. From smooth to ultra hd graphics settings available in the game settings. Similarly in case of audio the same concept applies.

Controls & sensitivity

Like graphics one can easily customise the controls and sensitivity. Not only that you can easily save and share them across the game server for free.


Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI is one of the most successful title of krafton. This game is specifically made only for India. People living in India can easily download and play this game. BGMI available for both IOS and ANDROID users. Android users can download the Battlegrounds Mobile India APK from our website as well.

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FAQ For Battlegrounds Mobile India

What is the current version of Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Currently Battlegrounds Mobile India is in 2.1.0 version. Due to some restrictions there is no new update in it.

Can I Play Battlegrounds Mobile India on PC?

The answer is YES! You can play BGMI on PC. You just need to have an Android emulator for this.

When Battlegrounds Mobile India Mobile 2.5 update will release?

It is expected between last week of march to 2nd week of April 2023. This time there are so many positive news in gaming community regarding this.

Is BGMI is now ban in India?

Yes, BGMI is till now ban in India. But there is a strong chance of its comeback very soon.

Can I transfer my BGMI account to PUBG Mobile?

No. You can't do this. BGMI game data is stored securely in other servers. There is no link between these servers. So it is not possible for now.

How to solve/fix BGMI high ping Problem?

To fix BGMI high ping problem just follow these steps-

  • Log out the game.
  • Click on repair button on the top right corner.
  • Now click on routine repair and start.
  • Now connect some strong WIFI or Mobile Network.
  • Your high ping problem is now 100% fixed.
  • If still there is no solution contact Battlegrounds Mobile India support.


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